In the final episode of Series 3, Starlo and Jo again join Fish’s Fly & Sportfishing ( in the rich waters around Weipa, this time pursuing the area’s most famous and sought-after species: the mighty barramundi. They cast their lures and baits amongst the mangrove roots of the tidal estuaries and find a good deal more on offer than barra.


While baitcaster or overhead gear is still popular in barra waters, light to medium spinning (threadline) tackle based on 2 to 2.5 metre Shimano spin rods is also well suited to casting lures or baits for barra and other tropical estuary sportfish.


Starlo and Jo use medium weight 2500 to 4000-size Shimano spinning reels from the well-priced Stradic and Navi ranges


Thin, strong braided main lines cast extra well and cut through the water efficiently. Starlo and Jo typically choose PowerPro in 15 to 30 pound breaking strains for this style of fishing and always knot a rod-length or so of 30 to 60 pound Ocea fluorocarbon to the end of the main line… Barra are tough on leaders!


A range of Squidgies and various floating/diving hard bodied lures work well on barra and other tropical estuary dwellers, and Jo also sneaks a little bait fishing into this final segment of the series!


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