Starlo and Jo hooked up with Fish’s Fly & Sportfishing (www.weipaflyfish.com.au) guiding operation in Weipa, chasing a variety of exciting inshore species in the shallow, clear waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria. In this episode they kick off casting lures from the sandy beaches for queenfish, “blue bastards” (sweetlips) and other line burners, before heading out in the boat to mix it with some muscular cobia or black kingfish.



Light to medium spinning (threadline) tackle based on 2 to 2.5 metre Shimano spin rods is ideal for casting lures at tropical fish cruising the beaches and flats.


Starlo and Jo chose medium weight 2500 to 4000-size Shimano spinning reels from the company’s Stradic and Navi ranges.


Fine, strong braided main lines work extra well, and both Starlo and Jo prefer PowerPro in 10, 15 and 20 pound breaking strains for this style of fishing. They always attach a rod-length leader of 25 to 50 pound Ocea fluorocarbon to the working end of the line, remembering that lots of northern species have sharp teeth or gill covers!


A range of Squidgies soft plastics and Squidgies jig heads, metal slices such as Raiders, small poppers and various floating/diving hard bodied lures get the job done beautifully. Quality polarised sunglasses are also essential tools. Steve and Jo wear Mako Eyewear exclusively and swear by these premium sunnies.


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