Dave is the brains behind the Offroad Adventure Show, and has been for over 8 years now. His first 4WD was a 1985 NA Pajero, before upgrading to Rangie that he rock-crawled competitively with a good mate for many years. He has also owned a 70 Series, 100 Series, & more than a few 80 Series Cruisers, so he is no stranger to being behind the wheel, or fixing mechanical issues.
Before launching the Offroad Adventure Show, Dave had already built an extensive career in the 4WD space, working with many famous faces both in front of and behind the camera. He started the show out of a massive passion for 4WDing, video work, & the outdoors.
Dave almost never stops…. he’s our producer, sales department, cameraman, and editor, but also more than often than not our mechanic, chef, navigator, photographer, coordinator, client manager, and much more.
Along with his work on the show, Dave also co-ordinates & manages a range of large scale events across Australia that you see on your TV screens each year.
There is nothing Dave can’t do, he will find a way to make things happen, even when thrown the biggest of curve balls! He’s a creative person with a flair for bold & crazy ideas, that sometimes worry our crew because we all know he’ll do his best to turn them into a reality.



Nick joins our team in season 7 with 10 years experience under his belt as an outdoor recreation photographer, specialising in automotive and extreme sports shoots.  
having freelanced for publications like 4WD Action, and featured in a few episodes of Red Dirt Diary in his fully kitted-out Patrol, Nick’s got experience on both sides of the camera!
Nick sees things a little differently to the rest of us, and has used that artistic vision to pull off some amazingly creative shots for the show this year.
With a passion for passing on his wealth of knowledge, & showing how a camera can be the tool that enables you to spend less time working and more time doing what you love, Nick has started his own business ‘Creative Expedition,’ providing web based training on the tools and skills to progress a range of photography skills, in everything from camera operation and editing to studio and commercial photography.
Oh, and his 15 years experience in the mining & engineering sector has definitely come in handy while building (and fixing) the cars for this season.



Toby joined our crew at just 17 for Cape York or Bust in Season 5 as one of our photographers, and it was clear he had an eye for 4WD and travel photography. He enjoyed exploring the beauty of Tasmania for Season 6, trying his hand at video work. From that point the stills camera was seen in the hosts’ hands more than Toby’s, as his passion for filming grew. 
Toby has been travelling around Australia since joining up with our sister tv show ‘Whats Up Down Under,” so he’s driven some of the most iconic tracks in Australia while still on his P plates! Something his parents are understandably jealous of. His passion for 4WDing started at a young age, when his dad would randomly take him out of school for the day to go wheeling. He is no stranger to a recovery or mechanical failure, & is normally the first to get in and get things done. Toby is normally the last person up each night downloading and transferring all the data, & the first up in the morning placing all our cameras back into our cars… Safe to say, he makes us look good!
With all that experience, Toby has been upgraded to our B Camera operator, & sometimes even main camera. He has come a long way in just a few years, developing his natural talent for filming. He’s branched into editing, but will be the first to admit he would rather be outside than in an office. We love seeing Toby grow from year to year in his professional skill level and also from 0 strength to full strength beer!



Gav and Mel are a professional production powerhouse, with an absolute shed-load of experience in filming, photography, editing, and production! Their credit roll includes some of Australia’s favourite 4WD shows and stars.  
Gav was instrumental in getting Cape York or Bust to air in season 5, filming studio throws as well as editing footage of the best fun you can have in Cape York! In season 6 Gav & Mel were our post production team, setting up an editing suite on location down in Tasmania for a full month with their son Abel. This allowed us to drop in footage as we filmed, and meet the deadlines we had for the network.
Gav and Mel are back for Season 7 of the Offroad Adventure Show, filming and editing our State of Origin series. A well respected team in many industries, including the 4WD space, they believe you shouldn’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, and this shows through their great work, and passion for the jobs they take on!



Scott joined the Offroad Adventure Show crew back in 2018, after a 4 year stint designing some of the most popular offroad magazines in Australia, including 4WD Action, Camper Trailer Touring, Overlander, Modern Fishing and more!

With over a decade of design experience under his belt, Scott is responsible for the look and feel of everything that revolves around the TV show, including the website, social media, digital magazines, show logos, vehicle designs, email newsletters… And he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty either – helping out with vehicle builds, delivering replacement diffs across NSW overnight, and even taking Borgy & Leash canyoning for the Offroad State of Origin!



A lazy careers advisor told Dave to do something he was good at… he’s been taking photos ever since!

Dave’s love for Photography began at college with his dads old 1970’s 35mm Nikon. That camera gave him a UK ‘A-Level’ in Photography, just at a time when film photography was dying out. The digital age was just beginning.
Unsure which path to take, and with plenty of people saying it’s good to have a trade under your belt, Dave turned his attention to becoming a mechanic. While spinning spanners for the last 20 years, Dave has continued to hit the tracks and take some great shots of both his kitted out Disco and a heap of mate’s vehicles.

Having recently turned to full time Photography, Dave has been taking photos for some of the biggest companies in Australia – and we’re excited to add The Offroad Adventure Show to his extensive credit roll!



You loved his work on Season 5, as he risked life and limb in Cape York creeks to get some magic shots for Cape York or Bust. In Season 6 Nick became a part of the production team producing and filming, where the cold Tassie weather didn’t stop Nick from being as adventurous as always, even riding one of Australia’s toughest downhill mountain bike tracks with a broadcast camera over his shoulder! Nick takes that can-do attitude to a whole different level and loves creating great content. 
The running joke among the hosts is ‘do we trust what Nick said?’ because Nick is so focused on getting the best shot, he sometimes forgets about making sure the vehicles can get to the next obstacle…
Nick isn’t just your regular cameraman moving up in the ranks either, having established himself as a talented cameraman on shows like Border Security, The Force, Beach Cops, and even the Bathurst 1000. Chances are some of your most popular TV series on our mainstream channels have been shot by Nick, & this year he took on a big role working with NSW Health in a full time capacity. 
But he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to get out on the tracks with us in season 7 this year, even taking some annual leave to join the crew as a Producer & Cameraman. We love having Nick on the team, he provides heaps of laughs, but is extremely professional in everything he does.