Leash’s 79 Cruiser

Leash’s 79 underwent a massive 12 month transformation to prepare it for Season 5 of the Offroad Adventure Show, culminating in an epic, custom canopy build from Spinifex Manufacturing.

The big Cruiser is an absolute beast offroad, and has handled everything Leash has pointed it at, including the Vic High Country, the Simmo, a 10,000km trip to every state corner in Australia, as well as an epic trip to Cape York as the camera vehicle for Cape York or Bust.

Jamie’s 110 Defender

The Australian Bushman is currently out doing what he does best with the Offroad Adventure Show.
The 110 is just one of Jamie’s many Land Rovers (he’s got at least 4 that we know of, he even tried to bring an extra one home from Tassie!)
The 110 Wagon made it’s TV debut for Season 5, and travelled the New England region of NSW up to Fraser, all the way through our Corner to Corner to Corner adventure, and heaps more!

Oh, and it’s fully kitted out 12V system can even run a 240V coffee machine!

Ricko’s Ranger

It’s pretty safe to say this isn’t your average wheelbarrow – Ricko spun plenty of spanners to turn his 2017 Ranger from stock-as-a-rock workhorse into an absolute weapon.