Leash’s 79 Series LandCruiser

Leash is back behind the wheel of her beloved 79 Cruiser for the State of Origin, and it’s a very different beast this year to what you may remember from Season 5! A slick new wrap and a brand new tray build are the most obvious updates, but there’s a bit more to this rig than meets the eye!
Check it out below:

Borgy’s chopped 80 Series LandCruiser

The Big Orange Taxi has had a bit of a facelift since it’s Tassie adventures… Check out the list of gear Borgy is running around NSW with this year – and keep an eye out for the build video which is in production as you read this!


Jamie’s PXIII Ford Ranger

Hanging out to find out exactly what Jamie is tackling QLD’s best destinations in this year? Jamie’s got more bells and whistles in his new PX3 Ford Ranger than he knows what to do with! And due to COVID border restrictions we had to build the rig in NSW, so at first glance, Jamie is pretty impressed!

Here’s a quick list of some of the good gear this Ranger is running for Season 7:

Jess’s RAM 1500

You’ve all been asking for it – here’s the build video for Jillaroo Jess‘s RAM 1500! Jess reckons she’s got the cream of the crop this year, and she’s already loving the sound of the HEMI V8! It’s a bit of an upgrade from the Jackaroo she was punting around Tassie in…
Here’s a quick list of some of the good gear this rig has been fitted with:

Toyo Tires Recovery Ranger